"Huixiang Pioneer Fitness Cup" 2017 China (Zibo) bodybuilding fitness

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On November 15, "Huixiang Pioneer Fitness Cup" sponsored by Shandong Huixiang Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. was staged magnificently in Zibo Radio & TV Grand Theater in 2017. More than 100 muscle men and women from home and abroad, Barbie Angels for everyone to give a visual and feast of power and beauty.
The competition set a total of men's bodybuilding, men's fitness, women's fitness, Miss Bikini four projects, men's bodybuilding also added the elderly group. Strong physique, chocolate-colored abdominal muscles, the perfect figure, the athlete's wonderful show won the applause of the audience.
 After a fierce competition, famous bodybuilder Chan Chi-sing from Shanghai won the men's traditional bodybuilding champion; Yang Lei from Wuhan won the runner-up; the third runner-up was the 53-year-old veteran champion Mapei plant in the bag.
Fitness is a vigorous culture, a positive attitude to life, but also build a solid foundation for the Chinese dream. As a leading enterprise in China's fitness equipment production base, Shandong Huixiang Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. has actively supported the development of the national fitness program. It has sponsored a number of major domestic sports events and hopes that through our efforts, more and more people will have a comprehensive understanding of fitness activities , Fall in love with fitness activities, for more people who love to exercise to provide their own platform to show.