Huixiang public service public health monitoring attention to public health

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On October 24, the National Fitness Examination for Boshan District in 2017 kicked off in Shandong Huixiang Health Management Center. The monitoring will last 5 days, mainly including bone mineral density analysis, vascular function evaluation, body composition analysis and other projects.
The physical monitoring or Zibo City, national health data collection is an important part of the objective, through physical fitness monitoring to understand the status quo and changes in the constitution of citizens to enrich and perfect Zibo City, National Fitness Monitoring System Database for the National Fitness program to provide scientific in accordance with.
Shandong Huixiang Health Management Center is an independent legal entity invested and constructed by Shandong Huixiang Gym Equipment Co., Ltd. It is equipped with international standard badminton training venues and is equipped with various supporting training facilities such as oxygen and power. It also introduces the human body composition analyzer, Ultrasound bone densitometer, sub-health monitor, vascular function detector and other international advanced monitoring equipment, is the first Boshan District "National Physique Monitoring Center" is also the first national enterprises as the national physical examination center, bear the national Physical fitness monitoring and scientific guidance of the task.